Faith, Food, Fitness

#1: Weight Loss 101

Here is your weight loss plan:

  1. Eat 95% vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean poultry and fish, nuts, and seeds.
  2. Portion control. Don’t eat until you feel full. Your mind takes a little time to catch up to your body. And besides, you don’t have to always end a meal or snack being full.
  3. Try to eat small more frequent meals. Maybe three small meals and two snacks.
  4. Exercise. We will get more into this in many posts to come.
  5. Don’t do diets!

I want to expand on number 5 just a little. Diets don’t work, because by their very nature, at some point they end. This has to be a lifestyle, not a temporary diet. Diets also may not allow you to consume all the nutrients your body really needs to perform at its best. People get too wrapped up in weight loss and don’t realize that there is more to good health. Your body needs certain nutrients to be able to run optimally. Some examples:

  • Skin health: keep your skin moisturized, smooth, not greasy
  • Digestive system: Keep things moving
  • Hair: Prevent brittle hair
  • Blood vessels: Keep your blood vessels clear, prevent heart and brain issues
  • Organs: Keep your organs running as intended
  • Bones: Keep your bones strong
  • Etc.